Caries, gingivitis, abscesses. How to deal with oral infections?

“We can have caries without periodontal disease, or conversely,” says a best dentist in Lahore @ smile zone dental clinic. Because of individual and familial susceptibilities, some people will develop caries, others rather a periodontal disease. "Badly treated, they can be at the origin of sometimes severe complications. The prevention of these oral infections is still far from optimal.


The developing teeth of your child

The permanent teeth of a child begin to form in the jaws shortly after birth. These developing teeth are vulnerable to certain substances, including: Tetracycline - this antibiotic can give a yellowish or brownish color to permanent teeth; Fluoride - this substance strengthens the teeth and is usually added to the water supply and toothpaste.

The dangers of drugs on dental health

Many medications, whether prescribed or illegal, can cause significant damage to teeth and gums. Estimates indicate that about 40% of the population of developed countries take at least one type of medicine that could damage teeth. Antihistamines, aspirin, asthma medications and cough syrups can cause irreversible damage to teeth while illicit drugs including cocaine, crack,... Continue Reading →

How to Eliminate Cavities?

Basically a cavity is a small hole in your tooth as a result of tooth wear caused by bacteria. The bacteria that cause cavities are in everybody's mouth, and it combines with food to form “plaque”, a thin, sticky substance that sticks to the teeth. And yes, this is precisely the reason why your dentist wants you to brush your teeth every day to prevent the sugar from remaining in your mouth and help the bacteria to bloom. Eventually eating your teeth.

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